General Motors


Corn Farmers Coalition

Kinder Morgan

Colorado Children’s Campaign

Diesel Technology Forum



CBS Television


Bank of America


The New Republic

The Air Transport Association

The Humane Society of the United States

The Fund for Animals

Purdue Pharma

The National Association of Realtors

The Renewable Fuels Association

The National Association of Broadcasters

Goddard Claussen

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee 

Evolve Post

Spring Creative

Creative Logic

The Environmental Working Group

The League of Conservation Voters

Friends of the Earth

Californians to Stop Unfair Rate Increases

Californians for Energy Independence

Edison Electric Institute

Nuclear Threat Initiative

American Council of Life Insurers

Environmental Working Group

National Rural Electric Cooperative

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation

Floridians For Lower Insurance Rates


Aurora Fire Fighters Protective Assoc.

National Corn Growers Association

Consumer Reports

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Vox Global


Amendment 72 -- Colorado ('16)

Proposition 4 -- California (’00)

Proposition82 -- California (’06)

Proposition 89 -- California (’06)

Proposition 64 -- California (’04)

Proposition 72 -- California (’04)

Initiative 713 -- Washington (’00)

Proposition 4 -- Nevada (’04)

Proposition 5 -- Nevada (’04)

Proposition 102 -- Arizona (’98)

Question 687 -- Oklahoma (’02)

Proposition A -- Missouri (’98)

Amendment 23 -- Colorado (’00)

Proposition 197 -- California (’96)

Congressman David Bonior

Congressman David Obey

Congressman Sam Gejdenson

Congressman Bobby Scott

Congressman David Minge

Mayor Charlie Luken

Mayor Roxanne Qualls

Will Shafroth for Congress